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Published: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Updated: Thursday, May 2, 2013 23:05

The other day I contributed a Special Guest Column titled <Mondo Beyondo> to the Parthenon.  The Editors published the column but changed the title, ever so slightly, to: “What is Mondo Beyondo?”.   Since the article itself was not an attempt at explaining the expression, the readers might have been as baffled as the Editors were at the idiosyncratic use of words.  Since we are an educational establishment, I will try to explain the background to and the use of the expression.

There are three strands to an understandable explanation.   After a concise introduction to the three strands, I will sum up with the hope that the expression <Mondo Beyondo> will become understandable.  
Strand 1. From the age of 15, I grew up in Manchester, England, which was the home town of Manchester Guardian, one the most respected newspapers.  One develops a love for the language through exposure to eloquently, humourously, and often pithily written stories (reflecting respect but not veneration for the subject).  
Strand 2. Real world human experience is essentially based on the physical world, and the logical connectivity of material things around us.   Aspects of human experience unexplainable by logic, where human experience is unobtainable, are often attributed to nature, the divine, or to God.  This is the world of beliefs.  Belief does not have logic – it is just a passion of/for acceptance of a credo.

Stand 3. Some time back the Nobel Laureate, V.S. Naipaul, published a book, “Beyond Belief”.  I am a Muslim, but some of the practices Naipaul witnessed and some of the thoughts voiced to him, as he travelled among Muslim people were so wayward, and alien to me, that I started thinking that there might be three world: the logical world, the world of beliefs and then a world Beyond Belief.

There is a cartoon strip character called <Bizarro>.  The world Bizarro inhabits is indeed bizarre: Right is wrong, wrong is right;   Ugliness is beauty, beauty is ugliness; Legal is illegal and illegal is legal, Truth is false, and false is truth; Educated is illiterate and the illiterate is educated, etc.  The hero Bizarro is the opposite of the other well-known cartoon hero: superman.

From Latin <Mondo> would translate to <World>.  The English word <Beyond>, has been Latinised to <Boyondo>.   (Computer Science students learn to write Pig-Latin). The expression <Mondo Beyondo> attempts to capture activities of humans which are so unreal, irrational, that they are not only beyond the pale of logic; but even belief pales when confronted with the convolutedness of their  bizarreness.  
Jamil Chaudri wishes all those who do not read this, an enjoyable Summer Recess, and those who do read it, a rewarding “finals” experience.  

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