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SRC presents networking program

The Parthenon

Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 23:02

Extending a college network goes beyond the classroom as Marshall University’s Student Resource Center demonstrated with their program “Networking in College.”

Marshall students were given the chance to attend two separate sessions at noon and 2 p.m., Wednesday. Located on the second floor of the Memorial Student Center, the event offered the chance for students to discover their own network.

The overall question that students were asked was ‘what is a network?’
Around 20 students attended the event and came away with ideas on how to recognize their own network and who was a part of that network.

Michelle Barbour, career specialist, said a network includes academic, social and career related involvement.

“Students should just get involved and start thinking about what they want to do with their degrees so they can start thinking about the activities they need to do so they have a well-developed resume,” Barbour said.

Barbour encouraged students to begin getting involved on campus and developing a resume now. Working on a resume throughout a student’s college career ensures that information is accurate.

Making connections on campus helps connect students with people individually in the job market, Barbour said.

Jeannie Harrison, political science major, said she is involved with the work-study program at Marshall and knows the importance of having a network.

“I actually spent a semester after graduation in the job market and it is very tough out there and it is very much about who you know,” Harrison said. “So, networking is absolutely vital while you are in college. Something to remember is that a lot of professors have their own professional networks to. So, if you can develop a relationship with a professor where they will trust you it is a great way to leverage that into a job.” During the event, Barbour questioned students about their majors and encouraged them to think of ways to become involved with clubs that are focused on their major’s interests. She also encouraged students to not just join, but to be involved.

“I thought it was a great turn out and great event,” Barbour said. “I thought students asked some really good questions and they seemed to really start thinking about what they need to do for their career path.”

Joshua Parsons, economics major, said college is meant to prepare students for their future employment.

“It is definitely a good reminder of making sure your career path is the focus of what you’re doing here,” Parsons said. “You are trying to be prepared for what the workforce is going to be requiring.”

Creativity is key and thinking outside the box is important for catching a future employer’s eye, Barbour said.

“Networking in College” allowed students to generate ideas and gather tips about how to increase their impact for their future career while at Marshall.  
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