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Important bar and club etiquette


The Parthenon

Published: Sunday, February 9, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 9, 2014 22:02

You know that street, right? The one directly across from Old Main? You’ve been there, even if you were just going to DP Dough or Jimmy John’s. And, no matter how many times some of you have tried to resist, you will probably still catch yourself on Fourth Avenue at some point in time throughout the semester. Seriously folks, there is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time. Truth be told, bars and clubs are essential to the college way of life, especially the socialization aspect of it. Grant it, not everyone is into the partying scene, but for all of you who are, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before hitting Fourth Avenue this weekend.

1. No one likes a sloppy, dirty, nasty drunk. Do not be that girl or guy. You’re embarrassing yourself, and you’re embarrassing your friends. Hold your liquor, or stay sober.

2. Just because Miley said she stands on the couch in the club does not mean you should, too. Don’t listen to her. Keep in mind, this is not a music video. This is real life.

3. Okay, I understand, “You Got Served” and “Step Up” are your favorite movies; however, do not dance battle in the club. That is so 2004, and you will be judged accordingly.

4. These bars, such as Jake’s, are not that big. Be mindful of the space you take up. Yes, you haven’t seen your friend since psych class on Wednesday, but you cannot have your little reunion in the middle of a walk way.

5. Seriously, if you bump into someone in the bar or club, say excuse me. It’s common courtesy. And, it honestly is not difficult to be polite.

6. Please, please, please, watch what you choose to wear on your night out on the town. No more needs to be said.

7. Not every girl or guy is going to want to dance with you. Do not get upset when you get denied. Simply move on and try again. There are plenty of twerkers in the sea.

8. Speaking of twerkers, there is nothing wrong with shaking what your mother gave you; however, twerk wisely. You do not want to bust your face open on the dance floor trying that new move you saw on YouTube.

9. PDA is a no go, even in the bar and club. Listen, just go get a room. I’m sorry to kill your mood, but no one wants to see that
10. Please, I am begging you, bathe before you go out. There is nothing worse than body odor causing havoc in a bar or club. You’re going to make everyone sick. Do not ruin someone’s perfect night with your hygiene issue.

On a final note, Fourth Avenue has not been the same since August. There is no way I could finish this guide to bar and club etiquette without saying rest in peace Barcode. Thanks for the memories.

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