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For the Bible tells me so?


Published: Friday, March 29, 2013

Updated: Friday, March 29, 2013 00:03

While there are many opinions about same-sex marriage, Americans can agree that it has been a landmark week for marriage equality after the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing on Proposition 8 and Section Three of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Currently, more than half of Americans believe the U.S. government should allow same-sex couples to have the right to marry. According to Gallup polls, 53 percent of Americans would vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage if it were put to a vote.

So, why has the debate been drawn out, leaving same-sex couples without a solution?
According to a Pew Forum poll, white Evangelicals make up 19 percent of the U.S. population. Evangelicals are the only major religious group in which less than a majority (37 percent) believes same-sex marriage should be accepted by society.

That is a large portion of the population that, for whatever reason, opposes marriage equality. Many Evangelicals in the mold of Pat Robertson want to see a Constitutional amendment upholding traditional marriage. This stance is not only oppressive but also unconstitutional.

When asked why they oppose same-sex marriage, 47 percent of Evangelicals say the Bible says so and that it violates the sanctity of marriage — an ordinance they believe was handed down by God. Truth be told, their opposition is likely a religious preference — something that should never be a deciding factor in legislation.

First, let us break down what the sanctity of marriage is. As defined, sanctity is the quality or state of being holy or sacred, and something that is sacred embodies the laws or doctrines of a religion.

As many know, the First Amendment prohibits the establishment of religion. So, if sanctity embodies the laws or doctrines of a religion, the argument that same-sex marriage violates the sanctity of marriage is unconstitutional.

The Constitution is the basis upon which laws are made, and while the Bible may condemn same-sex marriage, the Constitution does not. Instead of protesting, Evangelicals should face that reality because it is only a matter of time until marriage is truly equal.


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