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Huntington safety a bigger issue than thought

The Parthenon

Published: Monday, January 28, 2013

Updated: Monday, January 28, 2013 11:01

No matter where you go, every city has crime.

The amount of crime that has hit Huntington recently has increased greatly and it is making it scarier for a lot of people to go about their normal business.

Since the semester began two weeks ago, Huntington has seen two armed robberies, a sexual assault and a shooting. Marshall police has said they have increased patrols around the campus area, but a lot of people are still afraid to go outside after dark.

Can anyone really blame them?
Sirens in Huntington are nothing new — they are heard nearly every night, but it usually isn’t anything too serious, but lately, when people hear the sound of a police cruiser or ambulance, the first thought is wondering what happened this time.

People shouldn’t be afraid to walk to their cars at night, especially if they are on campus.

With the most recent report of crime in Huntington being reported on Saturday night, where is the line? When will people realize nothing good comes out of this? Why do people do bad things?
If Huntington could go just one week without any crime, a lot of people would probably feel more at ease about being in this city. Otherwise, everyone keeps being told the same things — “don’t go anywhere alone after dark,” “carry mace with you just in case,” but these things cannot always be certain to stop someone from being harmed in Huntington or near campus.

Some of these criminals are still on the loose, so everyone on or around campus need to continue to be careful – hopefully we’re done hearing about terrible crimes happening every few nights.

MUPD works hard, and we should all appreciate them for what they do to keep Marshall as safe as possible, but they can’t be everywhere, if anyone goes out at night, especially alone, be sure to stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

Until MUPD finds a way to be everywhere at once, Huntington needs a superhero. Where’s Batman?

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