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Editorial: Decline in Nook sales means changes for tablets

Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 10:03

Late last week, Barnes & Noble announced how much money Nook owners have spent on e-books so far in 2013.

So far, Nook purchases have declined 26 percent from the same time period last year, and the sales of the Nook are also declining. This is due to the rising popularity of tablets.

The iPad was initially released in 2010, and was the front runner for the exploding popularity of the new technology. Most tablets offer e-reader apps, allowing users to have an e-reader at their fingertips along with a miniature computer.

The Nook and Amazon Kindle are among the most popular e-readers, but that is not stopping Apple and Android from releasing tablets that perform the same functions as an e-reader — plus more.

Because of the businesses that produce e-readers also release apps for smartphones and tablets doing the same functions as the e-reader itself, it makes the idea of a tablet that does more than that, more appealing than a device that does nothing but allows users to read books electronically.

E-readers seem to be slowly dying because of the rising popularity of tablets, which could be argued as a positive thing for those who are purists when it comes to books.

Books are a gem. Physical books are things that have been around for hundreds of years and have the abilities to show us what life was like during times we could never fathom living in.

Technology will one day fail us, and while technology is still thriving, it will not last forever.

What is the world going to do when everything stored electronically is corrupted and no longer able to be retrieved?
Books should be on paper, not on tablets or e-readers.

Yes, tablets are a good idea, but for a more portable and convenient computer, and students often use them as an alternative to printing out several pages for a class reading. However, it should not serve as a replacement for something that has no flaws.

Books smell wonderful, tablets and e-readers smell like electronics. That is a fact that simply cannot be argued.


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